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Community Thanksgiving Dinner | Eufaula, OK


 Thanksgiving Mayor Joe Johnson and a host of helpers serve over 300 local residents Thanksgiving dinner each holiday for many years

Community Thanksgiving Dinner Deemed a total success 

The community Thanksgiving dinner held at the community hall may be considered more than successful. Including the dinners that were taken to shut-ins, 285 were counted and workers in charge felt at least 300 people enjoyed the Thanksgiving feast.
      Many helped with the affair; however, much of the praise should go to Rosie Stoos, Letha Drabeck, John Grego and Mayor Joe Johnson. In any type event such as this, there are many helpers that should be named however, space will not permit.
      To all the helpers, the people who donated food, money, to Burns Lakeshore shops and all others who had a hand in making the event successful, thanks are certainly in order. Another couple who attended and helped were Bob and Doris Gibson of Bobs restaurant.
      To Mr. and Mrs. Bart Van Sandt, who always do more than their part, to Windy Buck and all the others, let it be known your services are appreciated. Many people enjoyed a full Thanksgiving dinner that perhaps would have been unable to go so without all this effort.

Thanksgiving dinner at the Eufaula Community center was the largest dinner served in 11 years since the dinner began with over 400 people served. The dinner, sponsored by the Eufaula Chamber of Commerce was held in honor of max bridges this year because of this dedication and service to the chamber. Serving at the dinner included Mayor Joe Johnson Teresa Waggoner, Ruth Swadley, Eva Drew, Marty Sellers, and Sally Stites. 

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