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Eufaula Mayor Elected President for Oklahoma Municipal Officials


Eufaula Mayor Elected President for Oklahoma Municipal Officials

Mayor Joe Johnson was elected president of the state municipal league for a one year term  last Friday by the 35o delegates attending the three day convention in Oklahoma city. Johnson replaced Ada City manager Leonard Briley.
      The Oklahoma municipal league is cities and towns working together for their mutual benefit. The OML acts as a central clearing house for information and services for its member communities. It is a nonprofit corporation controlled by officials of member cities and towns. A 14 member board of directors consisting of elected and appointed city and town officials meets regularly to set OML’s priorities and to direct the staff. The Board Members are elected at the annual convention. Policy is set by the delegates attending the annual convention through adoption of specific resolutions and a statement of policy. Johnson pointed out, “Each community has but one small voice when it stands alone, but together cities and towns provide strong influence and effort for achieving common goals.”
      As spokesman for municipal governments, the Municipal League works as a partner with the state and federal governments, the municipal league works as a partner with state and federal government’s officials to achieve local objectives, its strength is the support provided by officials in participating municipalities. Eufaula is more aware of what’s available for our benefit by serving on the league.
      Also attending the session were Vice Mayor Ray Hazlett, Ward I councilperson, Pat Pyle and City Attorney Kenneth Lackey, Ward IV councilman Don Wilkerson and Ward II Councilperson Ruby Swadley Emerson. 

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