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Oklahoma Videos

Oklahoma Videos.

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2014 All Star Top 10 Joe Johnson

2014 All Star Top 10 Joe Johnson.

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Nets Magazine Joe Johnson

Joe Johnson’s BIG First Half in London

Joe Johnson- Editor – Mayor – Judge – Chief Justice – Career Manager

UFO Sightings Flying Over Moore, Oklahoma Tornado Disaster Area 2013via Former Judge Joe Johnson

Red Clay by S. M. Jameel

Jewish Disaster Response Corps


Moore, Oklahoma is named after a man who lived in a boxcar, and therefore had difficulty receiving his mail. As a solution, he painted his last name on a board and nailed it onto the boxcar. People assumed “Moore” was the name of the settlement and legalized it officially some years later. No one has explained if the man’s mail deliveries were made smoother by this solution.

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The sun’s hittin’ my back and there’s dust in my eyes, but I can’t be too upset about it. The day sprung up without a cloud in the sky and pure photogenic light soakin’ the landscape for miles, with a calm summer breeze to match. Couldn’t ask for much more in mid-January.

“Why would they take it down?”

We walk onto a soft patch of prairie grass and gander ‘bout the rubble. Broken piles of wood and cinderblock sit across from…

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