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High-flying engineers reach new heights at the state capitol


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OKLAHOMA CITY – Engineers are strapped in 300 feet in the air surveying every inch of the state Capitol including the 12-year-old dome.

The dome is the highest point the engineers will be dangling from.

It is an important part of the 120 million dollar repairs planned to restore the crumbling Capitol.

“The dome is like any other part of the building, and part of the reason that we have found ourselves in this situation where we require a major cash influx is that we haven’t done things that need to be done to keep this building going,” said State Capitol Project Manager Trait Thompson.

W.J.E., a Chicago-based engineering firm, will check for any seismic damage from recent earthquakes.

“W.J.E. is one of the few architecture and engineering firms in the world that do this kind of work,” Thompson said. “They worked on the Washington Monument. They worked…

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