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Animal Unity_50x108_1978_by Norval Morrisseau Norval Morrisseau


    Long ago, the Great Spirit caused the earth to tremble; and a rift appeared separating those of the animal kingdom from their human counterparts. As the chasm grew wider and deeper, all creatures great and small ran in fear, but one. A lone dog paced the edge of the abyss, watching the faces of the people on the other side. At a moment when it seemed the animal would no longer be able to breach the divide–and to the amazement of those gathered;   he jumped!

    He would rather die than be away from the humans he had grown to love.  His bond was strong, but only his forepaws reached the other side. Struggling to pull himself up from the chasm’s edge, human hands lifted him safely to side with the humans. Dogs have sided with us ever since; so goes the Ojibwa…

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