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“Return to Elegance” Eufaula’s Winter Ball

“Return to Elegance”

A return to elegance will be the theme for the winter ball sponsored by the Eufaula chamber of commerce.
The formal ball, set for January 30th, with be held at the newly renovated Foutainhead Resort Hotel
The ball will feature the big band sound of “The Sound of Music”
      Sponsors plan for the ball to become an annual event. It is a fundraiser project for Eufaulas Main street project. Sponsors hope to raise several thousands of dollars for the project.
      The ball will reflect the elegant era of the 40s says sponsors with horsd’oeuvres and dancing at the Foutainhead Ballroom. A limited number of tickets will be sold to the gala event. 


Eufaula Mayor Elected President for Oklahoma Municipal Officials

Eufaula Mayor Elected President for Oklahoma Municipal Officials

Mayor Joe Johnson was elected president of the state municipal league for a one year term  last Friday by the 35o delegates attending the three day convention in Oklahoma city. Johnson replaced Ada City manager Leonard Briley.
      The Oklahoma municipal league is cities and towns working together for their mutual benefit. The OML acts as a central clearing house for information and services for its member communities. It is a nonprofit corporation controlled by officials of member cities and towns. A 14 member board of directors consisting of elected and appointed city and town officials meets regularly to set OML’s priorities and to direct the staff. The Board Members are elected at the annual convention. Policy is set by the delegates attending the annual convention through adoption of specific resolutions and a statement of policy. Johnson pointed out, “Each community has but one small voice when it stands alone, but together cities and towns provide strong influence and effort for achieving common goals.”
      As spokesman for municipal governments, the Municipal League works as a partner with the state and federal governments, the municipal league works as a partner with state and federal government’s officials to achieve local objectives, its strength is the support provided by officials in participating municipalities. Eufaula is more aware of what’s available for our benefit by serving on the league.
      Also attending the session were Vice Mayor Ray Hazlett, Ward I councilperson, Pat Pyle and City Attorney Kenneth Lackey, Ward IV councilman Don Wilkerson and Ward II Councilperson Ruby Swadley Emerson. 

Mayor Represents state at national cities meeting

Mayor Represents state at national cities meeting

Eufaula mayor Joe Johnson recently attended the national league of cities meeting in San Antonio, Texas and represented the state of Oklahoma as its league president.
      Some 7,000 municipal leaders came for NLC’s 1986 congress of cities on the offensive, “determined to insert urban programs into the national debate and to focus national attention on the raw facts of human suffering,” said San Antonio Mayor Henry Cisneros, the outgoing president of NLC. In the shadow of the Alamo, where Texans made their determined last stand in their fight for freedom, city officials from across the nation agreed to launch a determined fight of their own-in the battle to maintain a role for cities in the federal/local partnership.
      Four legislative priorities-on mandates, federalism and welfare reform, reauthorization of key urban programs, and tax reform. Johnson and OML Executive Director, Don rider, attended many sessions and workshops designed to help municipal officials.
      These included: Tax reform and your city; Attracting travelers’ dollars; protecting your city from lawsuits; capitalizing of your cities assets; Shaping your city’s future; Municipal Purchasing: Cost saving techniques for your city and private resources for public purposes.
      Along with this, those in attendance heard from both democratic and Republican Presidential hopefuls. Cisnero said the appearance of four possible 1988 presidential hopefuls at the conference reaffirmed that “this is an organization attuned to issues.”
      The Rev. Jessie Jackson, who spoke before Democratic municipal officials on Sunday, Nov. 30, Advised potential candidates to use “massive direct action.”

Mayor Johnson Receives OML Lifetime Membership Award

Mayor Johnson Receives OML Lifetime Membership Award

      Looking over the plaque presented to him by the Oklahoma Municipal League is immediate past president, Mayor Joe Johnson. Johnson was the recipient of the award at the OML annual convention in Oklahoma City Last week. The league conducted its 75th annual convention and has approximately 400 cities and towns as members. Johnson was the first president to serve two consecutive terms in the 75 years history of the league. Also attending the 3 day conference was Vice-mayor Ray Hazlett.
      The Oklahoma Municipal League is cities and towns working together. The individual and collective voices of local officials can be heard through the league. It acts as a clearinghouse to offer services which individual cities and towns do not have the time, money or expertise to provide alone.
      A board of Directors, made up of elected and expertise city and town officials, govern the Oklahoma municipal League. The League is a nonpartisan, nonprofit corporation owned, organized and operated by its member cities and towns. Since 1913, the Oklahoma Municipal League has been the united voice of municipal government in Oklahoma and has developed over the years into an organization to represent more than 350 member cities and towns. 

Mayor Joe Johnson Re-Elected State Municipal League President

Mayor Joe Johnson Re-Elected State Municipal League President

      Joe Johnson, Mayor of Eufaula, was elected president of the Oklahoma Municipal League during the business meeting of September 25, at its annual conference in Tulsa. He was elected to the Board, which has 380 cities and towns as members, in 1984 to represent OML District 2. Johnson was the first president to serve two consecutive terms since the league’s creation, 74 years ago.
      When elected mayor of Eufaula in 1975, Johnson was, at the age of 24, the youngest mayor in the state.  He has since been elected three times to this mayor/manager position. He holds an associate degree in journalism and art from Eastern Oklahoma State College and has furthered his education at the University of Oklahoma. During his junior year at OU, he assisted a friend who was running for the Oklahoma House of Representatives by serving as editor of the friend’s newspaper, the Hartshorne Sun. After the election, Johnson went to work for the Indian Journal in Eufaula, where he reported on council meetings and other city business.
      “When I attended the council meetings, I was impressed with the problems that were facing my community and decided I wanted to be involved in finding solutions,” Johnson said. “So, that’s when I decided to run for mayor and that’s what I’ve been doing ever since.” No one can accuse Johnson of not doing anything to help his community. During the time he has served as mayor, the City of Eufaula has completed construction of the hospital, built a new water plant, sewer plant, library, doctors clinic, water tower, fire station, recreational center and new city hall, to name a few. In addition, the city has renovated some 400 homes for the elderly and reworked the water and sewer system.
      As President of the Oklahoma Municipal League Board, he intends to do for cities and towns in the state what he has done for Eufaula. 

Eufaula Municipal Hospital

After 20 years, Eufaula Municipal Hospital Finally A Reality

Approximately over 1000 residents turned out Friday April 23, to take part in the dedication ceremonies at the Eufaula Municipal Hospital. The project, which has been a dream for the past 26 years has finally become a reality through the efforts of many. Along with providing the area with comprehensive, acute medical care, the 33 bed facility has a view overlooking Lake Eufaula that the state lodges could be envious of.
      Mayor Joe Johsnon recognized Felty Wallis, long time McIntosh Co. Health Administrator, who recently retired, along with former Mayor Tully O’Reilly, as paying a big part in getting the hospital off the ground.
      Governor David Boren, honored guest and keynote speaker, cut the ribbon that should bring citizens to within thirty days of having their own 33 be Community Municipal Hospital.
      “It’s a lifelong dream about to come true” Various citizens commented after touring the modern equipped facility. “This is what we need more of…old fashioned community spirit,” Governor Boren told the large number of area residents. “This hospital is her because you care…you care about your friends and relatives.”
      Pat O’Reily, an aide to U.S. Congressman Ted Risenhoover presented an American Flag to Mayor Johnson to be flown over the new hospital of behalf of the Congressman. The flag had previously flown over the Capitol in Washing D.C, on April 12, 1976. Okay said the hospital could not have become a reality without the cooperation and hard work of the people of Eufaula. He said the Hospital which should open in the next 30 says will always have one person in mind, the patients.
      Governor Boren, as well as most people resent could be heard throughout the afternoon commenting on the beautiful panoramic view of Lake Eufaula from the hospital hilltop location. State representative Charles R. Peterson was also present for the ceremonies. Hospital employees, Auxiliary members and volunteers worked long house for the past few days making the hospital facilities ready for the dedication ceremony. Johnson praised everyone who had helped.
      Following the ceremony and ribbon cutting by Governor Boren, local citizens as well as guests toured the hospital. Refreshments were served by the hospital auxiliary to the hundreds of guests. Citizens who were unable to tour the hospital during the open house are welcomed at anytime, Mayor Johnson stated.
      Cheerleaders from the high school raised the flags, American and Oklahoma and Bicentennial, while John Bond accompanied with a trumpet solo of The National Anthem. Jim Young, Bicentennial Chairman led crowd pledging allegiance the flag. The Invocation given by Rev. Kenneth Shaw. 

Community Thanksgiving Dinner | Eufaula, OK

 Thanksgiving Mayor Joe Johnson and a host of helpers serve over 300 local residents Thanksgiving dinner each holiday for many years

Community Thanksgiving Dinner Deemed a total success 

The community Thanksgiving dinner held at the community hall may be considered more than successful. Including the dinners that were taken to shut-ins, 285 were counted and workers in charge felt at least 300 people enjoyed the Thanksgiving feast.
      Many helped with the affair; however, much of the praise should go to Rosie Stoos, Letha Drabeck, John Grego and Mayor Joe Johnson. In any type event such as this, there are many helpers that should be named however, space will not permit.
      To all the helpers, the people who donated food, money, to Burns Lakeshore shops and all others who had a hand in making the event successful, thanks are certainly in order. Another couple who attended and helped were Bob and Doris Gibson of Bobs restaurant.
      To Mr. and Mrs. Bart Van Sandt, who always do more than their part, to Windy Buck and all the others, let it be known your services are appreciated. Many people enjoyed a full Thanksgiving dinner that perhaps would have been unable to go so without all this effort.

Thanksgiving dinner at the Eufaula Community center was the largest dinner served in 11 years since the dinner began with over 400 people served. The dinner, sponsored by the Eufaula Chamber of Commerce was held in honor of max bridges this year because of this dedication and service to the chamber. Serving at the dinner included Mayor Joe Johnson Teresa Waggoner, Ruth Swadley, Eva Drew, Marty Sellers, and Sally Stites.