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The Good Ol’ Days: Visiting the Senior Citizens’ Center

The Piggly Wiggly grocery store, which was purchased by the city in 1985, used to host and/or fund many activities around Eufaula. One of the activities the Piggy Wiggly upheld was monthly visits to the senior citizens’ center, to honor those whose birthday it was that month. Above is a picture of a group visiting the center for that very reason.  



The Good Ol’ Days: College Days

I’m on the far right, wearing white. I was the President of the Young Democrats of Easter OK State College, at the time. In the light grey suit is former OK Attorney General, Larry Derryberry. On the far left is the Dean of the college, Robert Means. And, to my immediate left, is Jim Bradshaw, President of the Student Senate. 


The Good Ol’ Days: What About Bob Guiou?

Receiving a plaque for his many hears of service in the city of Eufaula is the long time City Treasurer and State National Bank Officer, Bob Guiou. He was not only an outstanding city servant but a great citizen, as well.


The Good Ol’ Days: Young n’ Dapper

Freshman Class President of Eastern Oklahoma State College admires the first plaque he ever received for being named Student State Senator of the Year. Don’t I look cute? 

The Good Ol’ Days: Supporting the Eufaula Boxing Club

Here I am, on behalf of the Quarterback Club,presenting the Outstanding Boxer Award to Kirk Stingle. I assisted with the officiating of several of the boxing matches. The boxing tournaments were used to raise thousands of dollars in an effort to help Eufaula create and sustain sports activities on behalf of Eufaula Boxing Club. 


The Good Ol’ Days: Robert Lane Receives the Key to the City

Mayor Joe Johnson is presenting the Key to the City to former County Commissioner,
Robert Lane, for his assistance in helping the city of Eufaula with many of its
growing projects, while saving the city many thousands of dollars. Robert
played a lead role in helping Eufaula in many ways. In particular, he helped to
extend Front Street, connecting it to Lakeshore Drive (behind Braum’s), thus opening
that area up for development. Not only did this construction allow that area to
develop, but it alleviated the traffic congestion on Main Street, as well. For
Mr. Lane’s assistance, Johnson got the city to name the stretch after the Commissioner,
himself. It is now called Robert’s Lane. 


The Good Ol’ Days: Roger Barton…


Presenting long–time Eufaula mayor Joe Johnson with the outstanding volunteer from the
Department of Human Services of Macintosh County, is director Roger Barton. The
award was given annually to whom the staff felt contributed most to helping
better the lives of the underprivileged in Eastern Oklahoma.