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The Good Ol’ Days: Visiting the Senior Citizens’ Center

The Piggly Wiggly grocery store, which was purchased by the city in 1985, used to host and/or fund many activities around Eufaula. One of the activities the Piggy Wiggly upheld was monthly visits to the senior citizens’ center, to honor those whose birthday it was that month. Above is a picture of a group visiting the center for that very reason.  



The Good Ol’ Days: College Days

I’m on the far right, wearing white. I was the President of the Young Democrats of Easter OK State College, at the time. In the light grey suit is former OK Attorney General, Larry Derryberry. On the far left is the Dean of the college, Robert Means. And, to my immediate left, is Jim Bradshaw, President of the Student Senate. 


The Good Ol’ Days: Remembering Fountainhead

10/23/2014 1 comment
Admiring the plaque which was placed on the wall of the Johnson Indoor Recreation Center, which was located at the Fountainhead Resort, is (from left to right) Fountainhead Manager Dave Hammonds, Speaker of the State of Oklahoma House of Representatives—and now Chancellor of Education—Glen Johnson, Senator Frank Sherton, and yours truly. The Fountainhead building still stands, even though the resort has been raised after its purchase by the Creek Nation. Currently, Creek Nation has plans to replace the Fountainhead building with a hotel and possible casino. 


The Good Ol’ Days: What About Bob Guiou?

Receiving a plaque for his many hears of service in the city of Eufaula is the long time City Treasurer and State National Bank Officer, Bob Guiou. He was not only an outstanding city servant but a great citizen, as well.


The Good Ol’ Days: Fireman of the Year Award

Each year, one of Eufaula’s twenty-five member fire department would be selected to receive the Fireman of the Year Award. This award was presented as an honor to Eufaula fire fighters that went above and beyond the call of duty. Pictured here is the proud recipient of the award, Leonard Luna. 

The Good Ol’ Days: Toys for Tots Kickoff Campaign


Owner of the Eufaula Ford dealership, Brian Spielgene, is presenting a one thousand dollar check to kick off the Toys for Tots campaign. Designed to help provide gifts for underprivileged children during the holiday season, over three hundred and fifty children received toys from this program, all through donations from great citizens like Brian Spielgene. 

The Good Ol’ Days: Funding Toys for Tots


Clasping hands are myself and the President of Booker T. Washington High School. Here, we are both making contributions to the Toys for Tots Organization. This organization, which was founded by myself Tommy Akers, the Director of Juvenile Services, was created to provide gifts for underprivileged children during the holiday season. Also pictured are Booker T. board members, including Treasurer Eula Gregory, in the middle.