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The Good Ol’ Days: Visiting the Senior Citizens’ Center

The Piggly Wiggly grocery store, which was purchased by the city in 1985, used to host and/or fund many activities around Eufaula. One of the activities the Piggy Wiggly upheld was monthly visits to the senior citizens’ center, to honor those whose birthday it was that month. Above is a picture of a group visiting the center for that very reason.  



The Good Ol’ Days: College Days

I’m on the far right, wearing white. I was the President of the Young Democrats of Easter OK State College, at the time. In the light grey suit is former OK Attorney General, Larry Derryberry. On the far left is the Dean of the college, Robert Means. And, to my immediate left, is Jim Bradshaw, President of the Student Senate. 


The Good Ol’ Days: Funding Toys for Tots


Clasping hands are myself and the President of Booker T. Washington High School. Here, we are both making contributions to the Toys for Tots Organization. This organization, which was founded by myself Tommy Akers, the Director of Juvenile Services, was created to provide gifts for underprivileged children during the holiday season. Also pictured are Booker T. board members, including Treasurer Eula Gregory, in the middle.

The Good Ol’ Days: Honors from the Green Country Press

Here, I am being named the most popular elected official in Eastern Oklahoma, by the Green Country Press. Looking on is his wife Beverly. The former recipients were Governor George Nye, and U.S. House representative Carl Albert, before him. I look back in gratitude for having been granted such a high honor. 


The Good Ol’ Days: Furnishing the Hospital

Presenting the very first check to furnish a room during the construction of the Eufaula Municipal Hospital is Robert Badcock, President of the Eufaula Lions Club. The presentation is being made to me and the hospital’s first administrator, George Okie. All of the 33 bedrooms were furnished by contributions by individuals and organizations which helped get the hospital opened in 1976.


The Good Ol’ Days: Judge Layden’s Retirement

This is me honoring the late Judge Robert Layden on his retirement from his many years on the bench. Mr. Layden was an outstanding civic leader and was recognized statewide for his legal services.


The Good Ol’ Days: The Preservation of the McIntosh County Courthouse


Former Judge Jean Mowry and myself honor the late Associate District Judge, Kirk Powell, for his assistance in maintaining the historical integrity of the McIntosh County Courthouse.